Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Frugal cushions

Home-making doesn't have to cost the earth. I have always believed it can be done on a shoestring!

#2 and his gorgeous girlfriend are moving into their first home next month and I have drummed into him the idea that not everything has to be new and costly!  He brought me a photo on his phone that he had taken in a shop of some knitted cushions they both liked, but which were over £20 each. "My Mum could make those," he says to lovely girlfriend and sure enough... here is the first one....................

Now I do have a confession to make. Cushion number 2 is in the process of being crocheted, but I knew it would take me ages to knit one like this. Yesterday I visited a charity shop and this hand-knitted woollen sweater caught my eye. I paid the princely sum of £4 for it. I prefer natural yarns over man-made so I was really chuffed to discover this was made with wool.

Once home, I unpicked the sleeves and the collar, which I have to say had been beautifully stitched, so this took some time. I then unravelled the jumper to just below the armpit level, saving the wool as I went.

I started by joining the bottom seam. I then picked up and bound all the loose stitches by using single crochet all the way around the sweater. To make the button holes, I did a row of single crochet along the front edge, with three lots of 10 chains spaced evenly. I finished off by using double crochet along the seam, including the chains, to make a substantial seam and button holders. A quick look in my ancient button tin revealed three lovely wooden buttons which were just the thing I needed and ta da ..... one new cushion cover.

Time taken - about 3 hours.
Cost - sweater - £4
Cushion pad - lurking in the attic feeling unloved and wanted - FREE
Buttons - FREE
Yarn - recycled - FREE
Love - unlimited - FREE
Total cost £4.

I hope they like it.


  1. Well done it looks fab and so much more special than a bought one! If you are near IKEA then cushion pads are really great value there (although you have to be strong not to buy anything else!

  2. They won't like it....they will LOVE it!!
    Jane x

  3. That is prettier than the photo they sent you! Great job.

  4. Brilliant! Excellent way to thrift, recycle and craft all at the same time.

    S x

  5. That looks like a designer cushion! You have tremendous patience to re-work the jumper. Jx

  6. brilliant idea! I really love it.

  7. Thank you Ladies - I had loads of fun making it and thinking of saving money was a real thrill too xx

  8. TOOO stinkin cute!! They will love your pillows!!!!

  9. What a great designer cushion you've made, it won't stop there, they'll want you to make more and more and more. Julie xxx


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