Sunday, 12 February 2012

Frugal menus

Good Morning Lovely Readers,

We awoke this morning to another fresh coating of snow and here are some pictures of what I feel thankful for:

I am sure you can guess where Zena has placed herself!

Here is this week's menu plan. As you can see, some of the meals are repeats from last week, but that's us! Creatures of habit.

What you might like to know:
Brioche sounds exotic doesn't it? 25p in the bargain bit at Morrisons.
Pancakes - ditto - 9p
Smoothies - 4 for £1 from Approved Foods (AF) and their suet mix comes in a huge bag for £1 too.
Lasagne sheets - organic - was on offer at AF - 4 for £1 - you have to look at their site regularly because bargains like this go quickly. I used quorn mince and passata for the "meat" sauce and white, creamy pasta sauce on top - 19p from Morrisions (bargains again). Grated cheese to go on top was 19p a bag.
The stilton for the soup was left over from Christmas.
The pizza mix - from AF - £1 for a huge bag.
Rye bread - 4 for £1 from AF
Banana malt loaf - 3 for £1 from AF
Scone mix - £1 - huge bag from AF
Potatoes, onions, eggs and quorn all left from last week.
Tuna was on offer at AF - 5 tins for £1. (No 3 took a load back to uni).

Soups are all made and ready to freeze/chill in portion sizes.

Menu planner week beginning: 11.2.2012
Pineapple + mango smoothie
Broccoli + stilton soup +
 soda bread
Homemade mushroom pizza
Green salad
Pancakes for #4
Vegetable lasagne
Green salad
Mango + pineapple crumble + soya cream
Watercress soup
Rye bread  
Banana malt loaf
Porridge or granola
Watercress soup +
Cheese scones
Left-over lasagne
Side salad
Strawberry smoothie
Cereal bars
Spanish potato omelette
Tomato salad
Veggie sausages, mash + peas
Caramelised onion chutney
Poached  eggs + toast
Vegetable soup + bread
Spanish quorn casserole + dumplings
Porridge or granola
Vegetable soup + bread
Tuna pasta bake
Green salad
Porridge or granola
Hummus + oat cakes
Vegetarian chilli + rice
Cheese + tortilla chips


  1. I just wanted to say Hi and welcome as a new follower! Hope you feel at home whenever you visit...there is always coffee, cake/cookies, a place by the fire,and a cat to cuddle.
    JJane x

  2. What a delicious menu! Yummy!

    I see you are going to be a good influence on me!

    Sft x

  3. just found you whilst idly blog hopping and am going to use your meal plans (saved me a job planning one later) thank you ever so much xx

  4. I do fancy that coffee, cake and cat cuddling Jane xx
    Great Sft - your influence on the spending front has been vast xx
    Welcome Grace - let me know if you need recipes xx


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