Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Good Evening Lovely Readers

A huge welcome to my new followers - thank you for joining me and thank you for your comments. I just love coming in from a day at school and settling down with a cup of tea and reading about your thoughts. Just a short drop-in tonight as I am in the middle of marking year 11 GCSE French assessments and I need them done for tomorrow. I would love to be crocheting - I have started a round cushion cover and it is looking good! With the current situation at school ( a budget deficit and probable redundancies), I thought that this was particularly appropriate. I hope it speaks to you too. Pleasant dreams xxx


  1. I needed that - thank you!

  2. That's wonderful, and resonates with me. Thankyou!

  3. Please look to use a different font, yours is so hard to read yet you need to be read! Sorry, don't mean to be -ve, maybe other fonts may make easier? Thanks

  4. Fantastic, a great mantra.

    Hope those paper didn't take too long.

    I hate it when school interferes with my hobbies, esp blogging.

    Sft x


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