Friday, 24 February 2012

Free weekend give-away

Good Evening Wonderful Readers

Here are my free offerings and here's what you have to do if you'd like to be in the draw:

1. Be a member of my blog
2. Click on at least one of the ads on my page (we only get tiny amounts per click but it will add up and help pay the postage.... and I am happy to do the same for you).
3. Leave me a comment at the end of this post saying you'd like to be in the draw and telling me what's good about my blog and what I could improve.

Thank you for your participation!

First of all, a lovely felt heart decoration or pin cushion - use it as you wish.

                                    Second, a press for making imprints on toast.... could be fun

A piece of toast for a special person that says "I love you" - what could be nicer?

Lastly, some pretty ribbons for you to use as you like; sewing, crafting, scrap-booking.....

P.S. I have some pink ones all ready for another weekend give-away.

Winners announced 3rd March.

Here are the week's menus for those who are interested:

Menu planner week beginning: 25.2.2012
Yogurt + compôte
Quorn provençale casserole
Cous cous
Brioche + jam
Butternut squash roast
Roast potatoes + carrots
Panetonne bread + butter pudding + soya cream
Lemon + sugar
Porridge or granola
Watercress soup +
Flat bread
Veggie sausages, mash + peas
Caramelised onion chutney
Porridge or granola
Pear + pepper soup + granary rolls
Quorn shepherd’s pie
Cabbage + onion gravy
Poached  eggs + toast
Vegetable soup + rye bread
Veggie burgers + potato wedges, salsa + salad
Porridge or granola
Hummus + flat bread
Mixed salad with feta + olives
Hot bread
Baked beans on toast
Pear + pepper soup + rolls
Asparagus + stilton tart
Green salad

More frugal crafting, money-saving tips and evidence of clutter-clearing to follow.

Have a great weekend

Mrs Thrifty xxx


  1. I find it so interesting to see what other people cook. I had to look up quorn and stilton tart as those were new to me.

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  3. Hit the wrong button before!

    I would love that gorgeous heart, I have a thing about hearts!

    I really enjoy reading about the things you make and your journey into crochet.

    To be honest, I can't think of anything you could do to improve the content for me, I like it the way it is!

  4. What a sweet heart, I wouldn't change a thing on your blog!! Already a member of your site

  5. A heart for a Hart how appropriate is that.I am already a reader of your blog.
    I love reading about other peoples lives ( i think that makes me nosey)
    Love to see what other people can make to try and inspire me,
    and always do the other thing asked.
    Oh Mayfair hotel dd went there let me have a look lol

  6. I like to read each day because on my low days it keeps me afloat xx
    I'd love to win anything at all - the heart would have pride of place in my hallway to welcome every guest. the toast cutter would be used for Man Wonderful's Sunday morning breakfasts, the ribbons would be used to make cards for birthdays, or for attaching to scrunchies for my hair!

    Keep on blogging x

  7. I love Zena & Gomez, such good friends & I too am working on my PHD's.
    Please can I be in your draw

  8. Just discovered your blog - lots of things in common [not least some of your follower-friends!]
    Following now, so I will be back again regularly
    blessings x
    [love the toast stamper!]

  9. I am already a reader of your blog and I really like it because it is a good mix of thrift, craft and general everyday living and I love all of that - just keep doing what you are x

  10. Well, I'm your faithful follower :) I just love your beautiful creations. You are such an inspiration!


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