Saturday, 18 February 2012

PhDs and frugal menus

Good Evening Lovely Readers

Mr Thrifty and I got up at the crack of dawn (okay slight exaggeration) to make sure that the house shone for our viewing today and then after lunch the estate agent rang to say that the prospective viewer's sale had fallen through so they wouldn't be viewing today after all. Was I fed up? Not at all. It meant that we had a lovely clean house to enjoy and an afternoon to do as we pleased. I had even managed to beat the rain today and dried a line of washing - there are definite benefits to living on the east coast.

PhD number 1 is complete. I have set myself a target of trying to complete one "Project half-done" each week until they are no more. On Friday evening I got to work on the half completed baby cardigan and here it is:

 I am really rather chuffed with it. It feels divine.
The pattern had a plain collar and I decided to use my newly discovered crocheting skills to make a more ornate collar, as well as trimming the cuffs. Instead of knitting it separately as the pattern suggested, I picked up stitches around the neckline and then knitted in garter stitch for a few rows. Then I swapped to crochet to make the frill and finished it off with little flowers on the pockets. Do you like it? I wonder which special baby will end up wearing it. It has one of my special labels stitched into the collar saying "handmade with love" and a tiny sheep - aren't they adorable?

 Here's the pattern book I used. I also changed the yarn because I wanted to use baby bamboo. It feels so soft and I would imagine is pretty much hypo-allergenic for sensitive babies. For the edging I used soya wool which I discovered in my local wool shop. Both yarns would be suitable for vegans. The bamboo is quite a heavy yarn but very soft and smooth and lovely to knit with. I use bamboo needles too and the yarn just slips through the needles beautifully. The soya yarn in much lighter, but just as soft.

This week's menus are also done and the shopping completed. Next week I will try and post our spending for the month, but it's going well and with all the Ebay sales I am hoping to be able to add to the savings fund. Hope you find it useful. For UK readers, Morrisons have large bags of baking potatoes for 30p and packs of pears also at 30p this week.

Menu planner week beginning: 18.2.2012
Porridge or granola
Watercress soup
Homemade wholemeal bread
 Vegetarian chilli + jacket potatoes
Cheese + tortilla chips
Scrambled egg on toast
Shepherd’s pie (quorn)
Spring greens
Panettone bread pudding
Cheese on toast
Scones + jam
Porridge or granola
Vegetable soup +
Homemade wholemeal bread
Tuna + sweet corn pasta bake
Side salad
Porridge or granola
Vegetable soup +
Homemade wholemeal bread
Spanish omelette
Poached  eggs on toast
Tomato + basil soup + bread
 Spaghetti + sardines + anchovies in sweet chilli sauce
Porridge or granola
Cous cous salad with feta + olives
Homemade mushroom pizza  
Porridge or granola
Cheese + tomato rolls
Wild mushroom risotto

Sleep well xxx


  1. I absolutely adore the baby sweater you have finished, and it is our colour too ! I love the shade. Good idea on the trim with crocheting instead. Goodnight to you as well.

  2. I love the baby's rather special. Our menu system has somewhat 'gone to pot' since hubby is doing the the end of the day he is too tired/it's too late to have what I'd planned. Tonight we were supposed to have cashew and mushroom roast, roast pots, sprouts carrots and gravy...we are having pasta with garlic,peas and mint.
    Sweet dreams.
    Jane x

  3. Oh your cardigan is gorgeous!!

  4. oh adorable cardi the colours together work beautifully gd luck on the other phd's :) have a lovely day........ were off to morrisons later x x

  5. Thank you all so much - your comments are such a blessing. I just need a little baby to come along now to wear it.
    I know, North of...., it is such a gorgeous blue isn't it? Our colour, as you say. I did laugh today at visions of your dogs and great clearing! x
    Best laid plans Jane. Life is like that isn't it? The pasta sounds nice x
    Thanks Ali x
    Crystalrainbow - thanks - and do remember to go to Morrisons last thing to bag the bargains. Your wand is stunning by the way x

  6. OHHHHH, your baby sweater makes my heart beat faster, super cute!!!!! Ever single thing is perfect, congrats with your PhD's. If I ever get this declutter challenge out of the way I am going to line up my PhDs as well and get r done

  7. I like the cute baby cardigan, very nice. Also your menu is much more inspiring than mine!

    S x


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