Monday, 27 February 2012

Free, Free, Free

Gomez and the monkey say Good Evening, although I think Gomez is actually too sleepy to say anything!

I popped into the garden this evening and found these - what a lovely reminder that Spring is on the way.

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Have a lovely evening ..... I am report writing xxx


  1. Snowdrops? We have so much snow still. From none to over a foot over night ! *Sigh* I can't wait till Spring/Summer bringing with it, its warmth....

  2. we saw lovely snow drops at the weekend too. so great.

  3. Nothing says relaxed like a sleeping cat...or a grinning monkey!
    Jane x

  4. Awww...these are beautiful! Can't wait for some reminders of spring here too...

  5. Your kitty is so cute!! I need to cut a few of our spring flowers and bring them in to enjoy, looks like winter skipped us this year :( I wanted just a little snow.

  6. sending you lots of energy and motivation to finish those reports! xx

  7. Hope the reports are soon finished! Jx

  8. ohhh snowdrops i think they are late this year.... ive not seen any yet and mine in pots are still sleeping :) x x x

  9. Hello there
    Just popped in to say thank you for becoming a follower of Still Waters over the weekend.

    I thought you may like to know that recently I have had posting problems with Blogger and have moved the blog to Wordpress. Nothing has changed it just has a new home.
    I did have to change the name slightly - it is now Cathy @ Still Waters. I'd love you to pop in now and again when you have time - I've left a direct link below.

    I love the look of Spring bulbs and there you are wishing for Spring to arrive and here we are wishing Summer would stay - it isn't going to happen tho as tomorrow March 1st if the first day of Autumn and Winter is going to be following along soon.

    Take care

    Cathy @ Still Waters


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