Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Frugal shopping - saving money

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Stopped by Morrisons this evening to get some milk and also picked up these bargains:

Much of this will find its way into the freezer as reserves, but I thought you would like to see such bargains. Do you ever ask yourself how much supermarkets make in order to be able to mark down produce to such an extent? Here are the items with prices:

1 pack rolls 1.00 reduced to 19p
2 brioche loaves @ 1.64 = 3.28 reduced to 25p each
2 garlic mushrooms in white wine sauce @ 2.49 = 4.98 reduced to 25p each
1 chicken satay (for Number 4) 1.00 reduced to 19p
crumpets 75p to 9p
muesli + raisin bread 1.99 to 29p
mini pancakes 75p to 15p
large pancakes 1.35 to 19p
soda bread 1.20 to 19p
French pave bread 1.49 to 29p
2 honeydew melon quarters @ 50p = 1.00
3 cantaloupe halves @ 1.00 = 3.00 to 5p each
3 tubs creamy pasta sauce @ 1.99 = 5.97 to 15p each
sandwich thins 1.00 to 19p
2 muller corner yogurts @ 61p = 122 to 9p each
3 chicken fajita mini crispbakes (also for Number 4) @ 1.39 = 4.17 to 15p each
yeo valley natural yogurt 55p to 5p
fruit fool 55p to 5p
raisin loaf 1.20 to 19p
honey and sunflower star bread 1.49 to 29p.

Cost of shopping £4.74

Cost of shopping if bought at full prices £36.30


Now if you are feeling really brave go and visit this blog and look at what the rest of the world is eating - it is an inspiring blog - thank you Halfrida -

Have a great evening xx


  1. You have been TAGGED, check out my post tonight.

  2. Wow...what a brilliant shop. Well done, it's VERY satisfying to see just how much you can save with good shopping isn't it.

    Sue xx

  3. Hi That is great buying! I must shop at the wrong times because I rarely see such bargains.I dont have a big freezer so that would probably curtail me anyway, maybe its time to get a bigger one?!

  4. Great savings Mrs Thrifty, I love it when I get savings like that, just have to be in the right place at the right time.

  5. Thank you all for your comments - it is great to get bargains isn't it.


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